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At any given time, Intersteel holds over 30,000 tonnes of high quality tool steels in stock.

We stock a large range of steel products in bar, cut blank, ground plate, ground blank and surface ground plate options. We also supply non standard materials on request. What’s more, we provide an unparalleled range of complimentary services to help reduce costs, shorten lead times and remove the need to use multiple suppliers.

Precision pre-machining, surface machining, geometrically sophisticated contour machining and grinding can all be undertaken to your specifications on steel blocks weighing up to 50 tonnes.

WNR1730 EN8~
WNR2080 D3
WNR2083 420
WNR2085 420F
WNR2311 P20
WNR2312 P20S
WNR2316 Corrosion Stainless Tool steel
WNR2343 H11
WNR2344 H13
WNR2363 A2
WNR2365 H10
WNR2367 Extrusion/dies Tool steel
WNR2379 D2
WNR2436 D6
WNR2510 O1
WNR2510 O1
WNR2550 S1
WNR2714 L6
WNR2738 P20N
WNR2764 EN39b~
WNR2767 EN30b~
WNR2842 O2
Multiform SL Improved EN19/En24T + + EN Grades
Primus SL High Performance Diecasting Steel
Antikor SL High stainless Plastic mould steel

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